Stretches To Relieve Back Pain


Stretches To Relieve Back Pain | Lowe back pain Exercise  

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain :-  Stretches is called generally Exercise .  Exercises and Stretches Strengthen your body's spine and muscles and increase their efficiency.  Also  stretches reduce your excess body fat . if you do  daily  following stretches to  Relieve Back Pain , Definitely you you will relief from back pain .   . Due to our lack of time, we cannot pay enough attention to our body, which leads to various diseases and pain in the spinal muscles . one of them is Back pain which is making us miserable .

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

what is the simple  stretch to relieve back pain ?

Double Knee To Chest :

Double Knee To Chest is very easy stretch to relieve back pain ( পিছনে ব্যথা উপশম করতে প্রসারিত করুন ). first fold your two leg and  . now place your hands behind of your knee of two folding leg . pull back towards towards your chest until a light stretch you feel . you can place your hands in the middle of folding legs . hold for 3-4 seconds . ( প্রথম আপনার দুই পা ভাঁজ করুন । আপনার হাত দুটি ভাঁজ পায়ে হাঁটুর পিছনে রাখুন। আপনার বুকের দিকে পিছনে টানুন যতক্ষণ না আপনার মনে হয় হালকা প্রসারিত। আপনি ভাঁজ পায়ের মাঝখানে আপনার হাত রাখতে পারেন )

Home Remedies for fast back pain relief :-

1) Stretches , Exercises  and yoga   

2) Use heat  water while bathing 

3) Pain Relief gel cream , spray 

4) Switch your shoes 

5)Eat healthy food 

6) Enough Sleep 

Top 6 Stretches To Relieve Back Pain 

 Prayer Stretches :-

One of the effected stretch to relieve back pain is Prayer Stretches . You first sit on the heel of your foot .Then place your hips on the heels of the feet and extend the rest of the body to the front or lay the rest of the body on the floor. Extend in such a way that your hand touches the floor and the hip rests on the heel of the foot .( the goal is to get length in the lower back muscle ) .hold for 50-60 seconds . repeat 4-5 times . do this stretches 4 days in a week .  

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain


 Single Knee To Chest :

we hope now you will get answer of " what is stretches to relieve back pain ? " . For Knowing read full article .

Another  notable   stretch to relieve back pain is Single knee to chest  stretches. For doing this back stretches ,You first lie down on your back .Then keep one leg straight and touch the ground .And straighten the other leg up 90 degrees .Then gently fold the lower part of your foot from the knee .Then put your hand inside that fold and try to pull towards the chest  as you can .You can also hold your hand over your knee so that your ha touches your chest. keep it for 30-50  seconds . sometimes switch your legs  and do the same thing . repeat 3-5 times for each legs .

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

Cat - Cow Stretches :

one of the most popular stretch is  Cat - cow stretches to relieve back pain . this is actually calles lower back pain exercise  helps to raise your body flexibility and tighten your core muscles .

First you sit with the weight on your knees .Then gently place your hands on the floor .So that the part of the body from your chest to the hip rests on the knees and your two arms .And keep your head up while doing this exercise .Remember to keep the body part flat from your chest to the hip when you doing this stretch . This is called cat stretch .

The cow stretch should be done in the same way, only the body part from your chest to the hip should be curved . this cat-cow stretch should be done for 5 times in a day , 6 time s in a week .  

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain


Piriformis Stretch :                                      

piriformis stretches to relieve back pain is for those people who are short age ( 20- 45 year ) .First you lie down and keep your arms straight and flat on the floor. then fold your one leg and cross other leg on your knee which leg you did fold or bent .. Then place your hands together between the folds of the knees that you have bent .However, you need to keep your head straight by touching the floor...  you should have done for 6 -8 times per day in morning after wake up . follow this piriformis stretch



  Stretches to relieve back pain and sciatica :

Cobra Stretch For Sciatica :-

who are suffering from sciatica for lower back pain ,  those people should have done Cobra stretch to relieve back pain . First you lie down on a blanket or mat .then gently try to stand your hands on the floor .Then try to gently lift your head and your chest  upwards . So that your back and chest are upwards , abdomen should place downwards .You have to keep your legs tight. Keep the soles of both feet facing up or upwards .also you have to tight your core . Hip will place straight forward to legs .  

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

Pelvic Tilt :- 

We suffer from lower back pain due to our own lack of awareness and lack of perseverance ( সচেতনতার অভাব এবং অধ্যবসায়ের অভাব )  When the abdominal muscles ( পেটের পেশী ) of our body stop working properly, the lumbar spine ( কটিদেশীয় মেরুদণ্ড ) has to perform strictly to maintain the balance of our body. Pelvic Tilt Stretches  Is  popular one stretches to relieve back pain

An easy way to get rid of back pain is to lie flat with your knees bent or fold . you have to place your knees like shape of  triangle ( ত্রিভুজ আকার ) . You have to hold on to your belly fat very hardy , just as you would if someone punched you in the stomach.  you can either place your hands resting by your side or behind your head . This way you can hold it for 10 seconds. repeat it for 15 time . do this everyday in the morning .

  • keep your feet on the floor like flat .
  • keep your shoulders pressed to the floor . but feel relax when it is doing .
  •  do not hold your breath .

Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

Conclusion :

we hope , this article  Stretches To Relieve Back Pain  will remove your confusion . about lower back pain exercise . follow this top 6 stretches to relieve back pain . as a result you dont need
 to visit doctor .

Thank you so much 

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