wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review

wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review

  • wow - skin science   brand has been at the top of skin and hair care for the past few years
  • wow apple cider vinegar shampoo is concentrated by  a fresh natural apple cider vinegar -SLS free- chemical free- paraben free 
    • Apple cider vinegar has moisturizing property which can prevent  split ends
      • Apple cider vinegar great for Healthy hair growth
        • It has antibacterial and antifungal property which help to reduce dandruff  , itchy scalp . by which moreover apple cider vinegar unclog your scalp pores
          • Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH of hair and scalp, stimulating better circulation to the hair follicles, which in turn strengthens hair roots (আপেল সিডার ভিনেগার চুল এবং মাথার ত্বকের পিএইচ ভারসাম্য বজায় রাখতে সাহায্য করে, চুলের ফলিকিতে আরও ভাল সঞ্চালনকে উদ্দীপিত করে, যা চুলের শিকড়কে শক্তিশালী করে)

            • wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review

              In the world  who ever not concern about their hair ????? everybody is confused therir hair product . hair is a such thig which is raise our beauty

              This the point of time that say " Bye Bye .. Thick shampoos " , By searching clear gel type chemical free shampoo for all hair then we saw a brand " wow - skin science " . This brand claim that their product is paraben free  , chemical free , color free , synthetic fragrance free ... which is best for our hair and skin . there is no harmul , harsh chemical . next we saw their one of best hair product " wow - apple cider viniger shampoo " . next we decide to give it one try . 

              Apple cider vineger is very popular , known for healthy hair growth . apple cider vinegar is known for having antibacterial , anti-fungal property  which cleanses scalp very well . even if you concern for itchy scalp , full of dandruff scalp , or suffering any infection on your scalp then you should try Apple cider vinegar based shampoo . let's see how it worked for our one of team member who used it  for 2 months .

              Product Name : wow Apple cider vinger shampoo 

              Price : Rs. 499/- for 300ML ( which is very affordable , not so much costly )

              Shelf Life : 2 years 

              Product Claim :It's do claim  that it has no Prestigesized and   it has 100% filtered apple cider vinegar . Also this shampoo conatins Sweet almond oil , Argan oil . this shampoo helps to detoxify the hair and scalp ,. Also it do claim that this shampoo clear up dust , pollution  , dead scalp cells . WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals like Sulphates or Parabens
               এটি দাবি করে যে এটির কোনও প্রেস্টিজাইজড নেই এবং এটিতে 100% ফিল্টার করা আপেল সিডার ভিনেগার রয়েছে। এছাড়াও এই শ্যাম্পু মিষ্টি বাদাম তেল, আরগান তেল conatins। এই শ্যাম্পু চুল এবং মাথার ত্বকে ডিটক্সাইফাই করতে সহায়তা করে,। এছাড়াও এটি দাবি করে যে এই শ্যাম্পু ধুলো, দূষণ, মৃত মাথার ত্বকের কোষ পরিষ্কার করে। ওয়াও স্কিন সায়েন্স অ্যাপল সিডার ভিনেগার শ্যাম্পুতে সালফেটস বা প্যারাবেন্সের মতো কোনও ক্ষতিকারক রাসায়নিক নেই 

              Ingredients :

              1) Apple cider viniger  : It has Ph level maintaining properties
              Its anti-fungal , antibacterial properties help combating scalp infections ,  hair dryness ,  itchiness and dandruff .

              wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review
              Apple cider vinegar

              2) Argan oil : 
              Argan oil can moisturize hair and scalp . Also protects from everyday hair damage . Moreover , By reducing breakage and split ends , Argan oil keep your scalp healthy . Also , Argan oil may help prevent hair loss , makes your hair thick .

              wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review
              Argan oil

              3) Sweet Almond oil : 
              Almond oil can make hair stronger . its reduce split ends , which means its do your hair grow day by day .Almond oil contains high amounts of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.
              wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review
              Sweet Almond oil

               How to use :
            1. wet your hair with lukewarm water.
            2. Take a small amount of shampoo then apply on scalp , we hair .
            3. let it be lather , do massage by your fingertips for 10  minutes.
            4. Leave it for 5 minutes
            5. wash it off clean water (37.8) 

          • wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review
            wow apple cider vinegar shampoo -  see the ingredients 

              Our website ( review

              The first thing which made our happy that this is clear gel type shampoo which is pumped out. It is an almost runny pale pinkish translucent gel (প্রস্রাবক ফ্যাকাশে গোলাপী স্বচ্ছ জেল) . it is nothing like thick white creamy shampoo which is  best part of this shampoo . The smell of this shampoo is very simple and like fresh Apple .  It has no strong “detergent-like” smell which most commercial shampoos have.

              we have  used  this shampoo after oiling her hair for the first seven days. During these seven days, our hair was very beautiful , thick , less frizzy. After 7 days we  have used this shampoo on hair without hair oil to know how does it work without oil .The first thing we did ,  wet hair with some water and then started massaging  hair with some shampoo.( as you need )Then noticed that this shampoo is as easy to leather as Sunsilk or Head-n Solder.Then  massaged it for 5 minutes and left it for a while .Then washed  hair with normal water .There was no lubrication (তৈলাক্তকরণ ) after washing the hair as is the case with other shampoos .

              The hair was then wrapped in a dry towel and the hair was air dry .The most noticeable thing is that there is no hair loss while shampooing . This is usually done after using any shampoo .
              wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review

              Conclusion :(wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review)

              After that, nothing to say how good the shampoo is .This shampoo is so good that it does not cause any dryness in the hair without conditioner.It is guaranteed that your hair will be thicker from thinner after using this shampoo . You will understand after using this shampoo how good it is and how lucky you are .This shampoo is very suitable for those who have oily scalp, sticky scalp and dandruff hair.This is especially suitable for those who go out a lot because It cleans daily dust , pollution . Big thumbs up for - wow apple cider vinegar shampoo 👍👍😍😍

              wow apple cider vinegar shampoo review

              Rating : 5/4.5 

              Drwaback ://

              1) This shampoo will not be liked by those who use shampoo like Head-N-Shoulder with white cream which is very thick .

              2)This shampoo will not be liked by those who like shampoo too much .
               3) Those who use very fragrant shampoo will not like this shampoo .

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