Face exercise to reduce fat

Face exercise to reduce fat | exercise to lose face fat | Face exercise to lose fat  | 

 " Face fat means big size face ,  chubby face "

We all work out to keep the body fit and reduce excess fat . many of us forget to do exercise to lose face  fat  .  which makes our face look much bigger .which makes our face look  ugly . as a result cheekbone of face , nose jawline does not in right shape . 

Face  exercise to reduce fat


Face  exercise to reduce fat :

Nowadays many people who have money they are doing  face lifting , eyelids lifting , nose lifting  to bring their face  in good  shape . also everyone very known about contour . " contour is very popular part  in make up " . to bring good shape their jawline and nose everyone choose contour . but remember it is not permanent . it is just for a while . so if you try to face exercise to reduce fat . then it can change your face shape face line for long run . 

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Top 8 Face exercise to lose fat of face :-

1) Forehead workout :

Face  exercise to reduce fat

First you widen ( চওড়া করা ) your eyes. Then pull your forehead with both hands. So that your eye muscles tighten   চোখের পেশী শক্ত করে ) . As a result your forehead line will increase. if you do it for long time then " you do not need to contour your forehead line "  .

Repeat : 10 times 

2) Tightly closed eyes : 

Face  exercise to reduce fat

Nowadays many of rich women does  eyelids  lifting plastic surgery to tighten eyelids . it is very worthy and risky . but by plastic surgery may be you can get instant result  . but " it is not one and only option " , also it is not natural way to tighten eyelids .  natural way and  face exercise will give you long term risk free result . 

Keep your head straight and stiff ( শক্ত ). Sit in a chair and close your eyes. Tighten both eyes at the same time as much as possible.  Keep the eyes tight and closed for 10 seconds then slowly open them .

Repeat : Do it for 10 times at same time , 5 days in a week .

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3) Nose lifts :

Face  exercise to reduce fat

You can do nose exercises to enhance ( বৃদ্ধি করে ) the shape of your nose. as a result the muscle of the nose are exercised . " Smile and push your nose upwards with your fingers " 

Repeat : Do it at least twenty to twenty-five times a day for best results.

4) cheek puff : 

Face  exercise to reduce fat

Try to inflate ( ফোলান ) your cheeks as much as possible with your mouth closed.  " So that the wind does not blow from the mouth. Then try to take the air inside the mouth from one side to the other. And continue to do so for 5 minutes. Then release the air inside the mouth after taking a deep breath  " this exercise stretches your cheeks muscles .

Repeat : Do it everyday if possible for best and quick result . For 15 minutes at a time .

5) The Fish Face : 

Face  exercise to reduce fat

This face exercise shape is like funny  as well as trending in photo shoot . nowadays this type of photo shoot style is liked by everyone .  so it is easy to do . First, " curl  your lips so that your cheeks are tence ( প্রসারণ করা ) and the cheek muscles are tight "  . so that   chins and cheeks are stretches . 

Repeat : Hold it for 15 seconds . 15 times . 

6) Half face Pull Back : 

Face  exercise to reduce fat

You may be surprised to hear the name but believe me this practice is very effective in improving the shape of the face. "  Stand in front of the mirror, keep your neck straight and pull one corner of your face backwards. If you can see the neck bones are visible, then you are doing right "  

Similarly, pull the  of the face backwards, looking in the mirror. If the neck bones are visible, suppose you are right.

Repeat : Do it for 10-15 times in a day , everyday in a week .

7) The Duck Face : 

Face  exercise to reduce fat

now we will tell  with the muscles in the middle of our mouth. " First put your upper and lower teeth together. Then open both lips. then lift the upper lip upwards. Try to gently touch the nose as you can " If you do it every day, the muscles in the middle of your mouth will be exercised . 

Repeat : Do it for 15 minutes .

8) chins up : 

Face  exercise to reduce fat

We hear about push-ups , pull-up exercises in our body workouts. Similarly in the case of face includes also push-ups, pull up exercises .

To do this type of exercise "  you need to lift  your lower lip upwards over the upper lip " . so that the muscles of the chin are stressed. This exercise is very effective in improving the shape of your jaw line.

Repeat : 15 times in a day , for 3 months to get best result .

Conclusion : 

Exercise is should a part of our daily life . though  many people has became aware of body exercise . but he don't even think any time that only body exercise can not get rid of face fat . face exercise to reduce fat is the only option to lose face fat . get rid of face fat , get a slim " Angelina jolie " face .

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