How much water should you drink a day

How much water should you drink a day | How much water to drink a day calculator

" Another name for water is life  .water is important for keeping our lives alive ." 

How much water should you drink a day

How much water should you drink a day : 

water keep our body hydrated . which is significant for every human being . Everyone simply says how much water  should i drink in a day. But the answer is just as difficult.Because no one knows how much water  should you drink  a day. But we will give you some ideas today . 

Different experts has different opinions about how much water to drink  a day. But how much water your body needs depends entirely on your body. " How much sweat is coming out of your body, how much hard work you are doing. What temperature are you living in? "Also the how much water do you need depends on your body texture and height weight .

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1) How much water do you need ? 

How much water should you drink a day

Every day water is lost by many factors . you lose water from body through breath , sweating , urine and spits . so it is must that you should eat such foods , vegetables , fruits which can fulfill water deficiation in body . also you must keep beverages পানীয় ) to health function properly  in your daily diet . 

so how much water do you need in daily basis for healthy loving ? about this content many  scientist has different says . according to The U.S nation university academy gave some idea about right amount of water intake is -

  • About 3.5 to 4 liters water or fluids must intake a day for men 
  • About 2.5 to 3 liters  water or fluids must intake a day for women

2) How much water to drink a day  ?   

in daily basis you must drink water 3-4 liters to replenish your health system . our body depends on water about 60% .if you have certain health problem like thyroid , kidney , liver or if you consume medication everyday for any chronic diseasethen f0llow the doctor suggestion about drinking water each day . 

also if you are healthy person , you may need to change the drinking amount of water .if you do hard work in hot temperature , if you work out or exercise every day , if you losing excess sweat from body , then speak with doctor about how much water should you drink a day . but in general for normal people is need to drink water per hour about 4 cups . 

we all have heard that minimum 8 glass water should consume per day .but we can give you a basic guidelines about how much water should you drink a day .according to institute of medicines ( IOM ) --

  •  for men recommendation is about 3-4 liters water each day 
  •  for normal women recommendation is 2-3 liters water each day
  • for pregnant women recommendation is  2.3 to 2.5 liters water each day 
  •  for breastfeeding women recommendation is 2.7 to 3 liters water each day
  •  for teenagers recommendation is 1.5 liters or less than 2 liters water each day 
  •  if you are doing work out and losing water from body , for their recommendation is 1 liters  per hour .( only for work out time )
  • children activities are for many different factors , like playing , schooling , moving . so in case of children you follow the doctor suggestion .

Note :  if you are going through high fever , diarrhea , bad stomach , it means you losing extra water . at that time your body  can be dehydrated . at this point you must need to drink water more than normal .

3) What happen if you drink too much water ? 

How much water should you drink a day

Drinking plenty of water is very good for health. A nutritious for normal people. But when you are doing extra exercise or excess sweat is coming out of your body. Then you can drink more water to quench your thirst for water. Drinking too much water can put pressure on your kidneys. As a result, your life may be in danger . 

Conclusion : 

our body is made by 60 % water . by drinking of water our body's limbs ( অঙ্গ প্রত্যঙ্গ )  are works very well . Fever makes molecules ( অনু )  in our body . It is possible to survive one day without food but it is impossible to survive one day without water in the case of every animal . after reading this article we hope all can understand how much water should you drink a day . so by drinking plenty of water , stay happy & stay healthy .

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How much water should you drink a day

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