How to reduce face fat naturally at home

How to reduce face fat naturally at home  | How  to lose cheek fat naturally 

Many times even after reducing our body fat we see that the swelling  ( ফোলাভাব ) of our face does not decrease. Many of us likes chubby cheek and dimples chins . they enhance ( বৃদ্ধি করে )  the beauty of the face  . but when our cheeks  ( গাল ) and chins (  চিবুকগুলি )  become more chubby and fatty  in excess . it loses our beautiness and confidence . 

How to reduce face fat naturally at home
how to lose cheek fat naturally


How to reduce face fat naturally at home : 

In internet has  lots of content about how to lose cheek fat naturally . today glowloves will tell you without waste your time  how to reduce face fat naturally at home  . By Some healthy diet and some exercise , hydration of body , less alcohol - these all everyday routine can reduce cheek fat . also to lose cheek fat you can chewing some gum .

How to reduce face fat naturally 

1) Balanced  Diet And Exercise : 

The best way to maintain your all over health is the healthy food and exercise . Also it can help you to reduce cheek fat . healthy food and exercise will give you a long term benefits . 

so start to consume a balance healthy diet like fish , vegetable , egg , nuts , seeds , and fruits . reduce sugar consumption in your diet .  Do exercise thrice in a week . it is very much important . 

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

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2) Chewing some gum : 

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

It helps to eliminate the fat from the jaw area of your chin ( আপনার চিবুকের চোয়াল অঞ্চল )  .  creates a beautiful shapes  of the chin and jaw line over the time .

Sit on chair with your back straight . start to chewing gum and inflate the chewing gum ( চিউইং গাম ফুলিয়ে দাও )  after some time . do this in morning , evening after meals or when you free .

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3) Stay hydrated : 

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

Hydration is worthful  thing to reduce lose cheek fat naturally .to keep hydrate your body , increase your water consumption . consume water daily 3-4 litre

Like our body, our cheeks and mouth also store water but when the amount of water in the body decreases, our body starts to become dehydrated. as a result its give  bad effect on cheeks .so stay  hydrated through out the day .

4) Blowing air in the balloon :

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

 Blowing air in the balloons is great to decrease your cheeks fat . take a balloon and inflate the balloon by  air ( বায়ু দ্বারা বেলুন স্ফীত ) . as a result muscles of your cheeks will spread . Do this for 10 minutes in a day . 

5) Reduce salt and sugar in diet : 

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

when you start to eat salt and sugar  more than needed , it may cause bloating ( ফুলে যাওয়া )   your cheeks .also as a result , your body can not store the water . that is why your cheeks and chins will look like enlarged and swelling .  so to hold extra water in body , start to decrease salty and sugary food .

6) Cut down alcohol intake

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

If you drink alcohol on a daily basis , it leads the body in dehydration  . when you  drink alcohol daily , automatic you start to began gain wait . as a result your face will look like fatty and liveless . because of intake alcohol , it may increase calorie in excess .  

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7) Smiling more :

How to reduce face fat naturally at home

 By smiling more your face muscles পেশী ) can be extended সম্প্রসারিত )  . it is one of the effective way to slim down ( পাতলা )  cheeks fat . also by smiling more you can brighten up your everyday . 

Conclusion : 

In most cases, swelling of the face also increases when we gain weight  . many times its  see that many people feel hesitate to pick photo because of their chubby cheeks  and double chins . For growing up your confidence  and to reduce cheek fat , today we give solution about how to reduce face fat naturally at home . . because it will no harm to health and face . also without wasting your time , money  you can do this at home . so start from today . best wishes from . 

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