what fruits are good for skin

 what fruits are good for skin  | Get healthy glowing skin by eating 

Radiant skin mean in one word " Fruit " . It is very informative question  that  what fruits are good for skin  . Fruit has vitamin C , A , K , E and minerals . those all vitamin will give you a better skin texture . If you want to know Radiant , healthy skin then keep fruits  daily in your diet .


what fruits are good for skin

what fruits are good for skin :-

Always you should know that only uses of skin lightening cream will not give you a healthy glowing skin . If you healthy from inside , you will stay healthy from outside . you will see your skin seems to be glowing and healthy . Eat daily vitamin C , E , A rich fruits . what fruits are good for skin , those are  lemon , apple , orange , pineapple , watermelon , cucumber .  There is best 6 fruits are  good for skin . keep Read .

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Here best 6 fruits good for skin glow 

1) Orange :

 Orange contains full of  vitamin c . you will  own the radiant skin . orange has own natural oils . these oil keeps your skin healthy , hydrated and radiant .  . 

vitamin c do boost your collagen production .  if you keep orange  in your diet daily  , it reduces the  appearances of  " signs of aging  "  . 

orange is high in vitamin c  and antioxidant . .also orange can protect from DNA   damage .it is great for anti aging problem . orange reduce free radical from your body and makes you healthy and glowing . you should consume daily 1 or half orange .

How  to add in your diet :

  • You can eat freshly squeezed orange juice  .If you have gastric or ulcer problems, you can avoid orange pulp . 
  • you can add orange with salads .
what fruits are good for skin
Orange Benefits for glowing skin

( ভিটামিন সি আপনার কোলাজেন উত্পাদন বাড়িয়ে তোলে। যদি আপনি প্রতিদিন আপনার ডায়েটে কমলা রাখেন তবে এটি "বার্ধক্যজনিত লক্ষণগুলির উপস্থিতি" হ্রাস করে। এছাড়াও কমলা ডিএনএ ক্ষতি থেকে রক্ষা করতে পারে )

2 ) Lemon :

Lemon is a fruit that is used in huge amounts in skin care products . it is used for several skin care products like anti acne cream , anti spot less cream

lemon has natural bleaching property . that's why lemon helps to fade sun tan , scarring . moreover it does great work for " hyperpigmentation "  

many time you see that after using skin lightening cream , you can not get benefit so much , and you became unsatisfied . 

this is very promisable that if you want to get healthy glowing skin then you should eat lemon daily besides using of skin care products . 

How to add in your diet  :

  • you can eat lemon water with one teaspoon honey in first morning  . water should be lukewarm . it is very effective way . 
  • secondly , you can add lemon juice in salad . 
  • moreover you can add lemon juice in your rice , when you are eating .

what fruits are good for skin
Lemon Benefits for glowing and acne free skin

 ( লেবু প্রাকৃতিক ব্লিচ সম্পত্তি আছে। এজন্য লেবু সূর্যের টানকে ক্ষীণ করতে সাহায্য করে .  এটি "হাইপারপিগমেন্টেশন" এর জন্য দুর্দান্ত কাজ করে . )

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3) Watermelon : 

 By eating watermelon will make you feel refresh and relax . specially in summer , when you are outing , you feel so tired . at  that time if you eat watermelon , you feel refresh . because it has 92 % water , which help your body to hydrated . waterlemon provide you water  . 

also in watermelon contains  vitamin c ,  A , B1 ,  B6 and Lycopene - these all vitamin and minerals are very essencial to improve you skin texture . 

vitamin c and vitamin A has anti oxidant agent , which fight against fine lines , wrinklesLycopene is such thing which reduce free radical from you body . as a result you may can get a healthy texture in skin . The best part of watermelon is that it has no fat , no cholesterol . 

How to add in you diet  :

  • you can cut watermelon slice in evening snacks .
  • in the morning you can make juice of watermelon  and eat it . 
  • moreover you can eat as fruit salad  .
what fruits are good for skin
Watermelon Benefits for healthy skin
 ( তরমুজে 92% জল রয়েছে। তরমুজে ভিটামিন সি, এ, বি 1, বি 6 এবং লাইকোপিন রয়েছে - এই সমস্ত ভিটামিন এবং খনিজগুলি আপনাকে ত্বকের টেক্সচার উন্নত করতে খুব প্রয়োজনীয় ) 

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4) Cucumber :

How can we forget about cucumber . cucumber is such fruit which fulfill  water deficiation in your health . this the main part of healthy and glowing skin . when your body 

will hydrated ,  your skin will keep healthy naturally from inside . cucumber has 99% water . also it has vitamin c and vitamin k . this is most important vitamin for getting good skin . cucumber is very helpful to reduce puffy eyes , fine lines

How to add in you diet : 

  • To get best benefit you can eat as salad after lunch or dinner . 
  •  Even you can add cucumber in your recipe . 
  • If you want to consume juice of cucumber then , you should eat in the morning .

5) Pineapples :

pineapple has lots of benefit , that is unknown to many people . pineapples is owner of vitamin  A , C , k and minerals .  these all are good enough to reduce sun spots  , melasma treatment . also pineapple reduce of probability acne . 

How to add in you diet :

  • you can consume fresh chopped pineapples in morning breakfast or in evening snacks .
  • it can add in pizza , sandwich
what fruits are good for skin
Pineapple benefits 

 ( আনারসে ভিটামিন এ, সি, কে এবং খনিজ রয়েছে। এই সমস্ত সূর্যের দাগ কমাতে যথেষ্ট যথেষ্ট, মেলাসমা চিকিত্সা। সম্ভাবনা ব্রণ হ্রাস আনারস।)

6) Apple :

Apple is another host for many skin issue .apple contain vitamin C and A , those are reduce appearances  signs of aging . also it apple does remove free radical from your body .

again apple is rich in antioxidant . moreover apple reduce your stress , bring energy in your body instantly . 

How to add in you diet :

  • To get best benefit  do grind apple slices , and can add little bit salt .
  •  make a smoothie texture . consume it in morning . remember one thing after consume apple juice 
  • Do not eat anything for 1 hour . 
  • also can eat as evening snacks .

conclusion :- 

Hope all of one after reading this article - what fruits are good for skin  , always will keep these fruits in daily diet . guys fruits play a important role for our whole body improvement .  

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