Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits : Benefit Of Eating Raw Onion 

" Onion can make you Cry , but your health will laugh forever " 

onion is a king of every indians kitchen room . raw onion looks as small , health benefits of onion is as greater , Onion is low in calories but high in vitamins , minerals and fiber . 

Note : one medium onion has only 44 mg calorie . 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

Health Benefits of onion : 

Raw onion is such vegetable , which is reigns ( রাজত্ব করে ) in every kitchen room . everyone use in cooks or consume raw onion . but they do not know how much health benefits of onion . beacuse it has contain lots of vitamin , antioxidants , fiber , sulfur . raw onion benefits can make your life easy to alive long time . what is the  benefits of eating raw onion everyday ? this is our main motive to say in today's article .  

-: Raw Onion Benefits :- 

Health Benefits  Of Onion : 

1) Heart health : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

Onion fully loaded with antioxidants .The antioxidant stored in onions is called quercetin ( কোরেসেটিন ) . "  antioxidants such a thing which is very helpful for health . because antioxidants reduce free radical from body , reduce inflammation , reduce cholesterol , fight against constipation  " . these all things are signs to reduce heart disease . 

Anti inflammatory properties help to decrease high blood pressure .  Onions have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood clots রক্ত জমাট ) in our body . 

Note :-  One study found that people with high blood pressure could lower their blood pressure by eating onions ,  if they were over 60-70 Kg . but Every day they should eat 160 to 162 mg onion extract.


2) LOwer Cholesterol : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

one study  has been shown that onion can decrease cholesterol level . Bad LDL Cholesterol is the main source of high blood pressure. Lowering LDL cholesterol helps control high blood pressure. it has proven that onion may reduce risk of heart disease ,  decrease bad LDL cholesterol . 

One American study found that " women with pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome ) and women over the age of 55 if consume large red raw onions every day , they will get relief from the problem of pcos very soon . "  
Note :-  1) If any women overweight ,  they have to eat  40-50 grams red onion . 
              2) If any women obese  , they have to eat 50-60 grams red onion .

3) Fight against Kidney cancer : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

One study found that people who eat  the highest amount of vegetables which known as  Allium Cepa ( Science agreed name )  ,  they are less likely to develop stomach cancer than other people.

onion has contain sulfur compounds  ."  sulfur one of the main potent which fight against kidney cancer , stomach cancer , lung cancer "  .onion is the source of plenty of strong antioxidants  like quercetin , fisetin flavonoid ( ফিসেটিন ফ্ল্যাভোনয়েড ) thay may help to decrease against prohibited tumour growth in stomach and ovary " as a result onion help reduce cancer in high amount . 

Note :-  Always you should eat vegetable which is called Allium Cepa . special example of these vegetable are garlic , onion , leeks , chives , shallots .  these Vegetables that reduce cholesterol levels and play a vital role in fighting deadly diseases such as cancer and stomach disease .

3) Immunity system growth : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

 Why is Immunity System Important ? Immunity increases our body's resistance to various diseases of the system, automatically increases the body's functional capacity. Onions contain some vitamins and minerals which are very effective in boosting immunity. 

Vitamin list : 

These vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin B9 (or folate) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).vitamin c is great source of  antioxidant . which is increases immune system , improve nerve function , produce red blood cells . 

Mineral : 

Sulfur , Zink , Selenium and immunity boosting quercetin , potassium  . these all minerals has antibacterial , antiviral agent .

4) Abundance in antioxidants : 

Red deep onion has 25 various flavonoid antioxidants . onions rich in  anthocyanins ( অ্যান্থোসায়ানিনস ) which is a powerful plant of antioxidants production , Trees of this species enhance immunity against any chronic disease . 

1) these antioxidants protects our body from oxidize . 
2) Lowers blood pressure , and reduce risk of heart disease .
3) remove free radical from body ,
4) protect from damage of cells . 
5) Lower sugar in blood  and protects against diabetes
6) some flavonoid antioxidants  fight against thyroid . 

Note :-  one red onion can make  your health  toxin free , radical free , oxidative stress free .  

5) Control in Diabetes : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

Since onions help reduce bad LDL cholesterol  . " onions play an important role in controlling blood sugar levels . when sugar level raises in blood  , then it leads to increase insulin level in blood "  .  Which leads to diseases like sugar and diabetes , pre-diabetes . 

Note :-  In one study, 500 diabetics patients opinion was ,  that eating 100 grams of onions a day helped control their blood sugar. 

5) May boost Bone Solidity : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

we Everyone knows that any type of dairy product and meat food can increase the concentration of bone minerals. " onion  also increases bone weight and bone strength ."

young women : Laboratory research has shown that women between the ages of 23 and 25 ,  if drink 100 to 200 ml of onion juice every day. then their bone density, bone solidity increases in 10 to 12 weeks. 

Aged women : There are also many older women who do not eat onions, among them the bone mineral density decreases day by day . resulting in knee pain. Hip bone pain, ligament and bone joint pain occurs. But if they drink at least 30 to 40 million onion juices per day, they will be relieved of osteoporosis and ligament or knee pain, any bone pain.

6) Boost Digestion : 

Onions contain a variety of fiber and prebiotic substances, which increase our digestion. Onions contain a type of fiber called oligofructose ( অলিগোফ্রাক্টোজ ) . This fiber helps us to keep our digestion regular. This is because oligofructose fiber produces good bacteria in the intestines , which is present   inside the body. As a result toxins are removed from our body and digestive capacity is increased.

Notes:-  Also, according to the National Onion Association, onions boost immunity , fight against diarrhea and relieve gastric or peptic ulcers.

Skin Benefit  of eating raw onion : 

1) May glow skin from inside  : 

Onions are rich in vitamins and flavonoid antioxidants. Which repairs our skin from inside the body. This is because the main source of antioxidants in onions is vitamin C and other is  Vitamin B6 , Vitamin B9 .

Notes :- So if you can eat at least one medium size or 30 grams of onion per day on an empty stomach. Then it will definitely change your look . your body will glow from inside .  Because Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 , Vitamin B9 are great for skin lightening . 

2) Scar treatment : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

Onion juice has been used as a natural ingredient for many centuries for scar treatment . Onion juice has been used as a natural ingredient for many centuries for scar treatment. You may have noticed that any type of scar treatment in gel or cream contains onion juice of ingredients list .

3) prevent breakouts : 

Though onion has antibacterial , antiseptic and anti inflammatory property , so onion prevent breakouts very easily .

Hair Benefit Of Eating Raw onion  : 

1) Hair Regrowth : think that who does not know that onion is great natural ingredients for regrowth hair . Onions contain a compound called sulfur which helps to grow new hair by entering in scalp . You can use onion juice with your eyes closed to get rid of hair follicles or to grow new hair. This natural ingredient will give you good benefits at no cost .

2) Prevent Hair Fall : 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

Onion juice  also prevent hair fall . it does defense against hair fall . though it has sulfur , and sulfur is a great compound to prevent hair fall . 


onion is In particular, the presence of Vitamin , minerals , fiber  substance in the onion reduces anti-inflammatory. As a result, onions have been shown to help reduce high blood pressure or bring blood pressure under control . you have shown in today's article that there are plenty health benefits of onion . hope you all get it . 

Thank you so much 

Namaste ❤ 

Health Benefits Of Onion | Raw Onion Benefits

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