Top 16 Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

-: Surprising 16 Tips To Stop Hair Fall :-

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Every day there are 90 people questions out of every 100 people , Why is my hair falling out ? What will reduce my hair loss ? Which doctor can i see ? Then when you hear the doctor's fees, you put your hand on your head ... right ? so here are 15 common tips to stop hair loss without waste money . 

Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

Top 16 Tips To Stop Hair Fall :-

Hair Fall is being most common problem in the world . As the days go by, the work pressure of the people is increasing as well as  the worries are also increasing . also for wrong diet , wrong daily routine ,vitamin & mineral deficiency , pollution & genetical problem , may be you are suffering for hair fall issue . Even if you wear a helmet or a hat all the time, it may cause hair loss . hair fall also some how depend on you hair cut  so , we can give you some basic tips to prevent hair fall . keep read .

Tips To Stop Hair Fall with Changing Your Daily Routine 

Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

Tips for hair loss control

i )  Wash Your Hair Daily :-

No 1 tips to stop hair fall -   boys , wash your hair daily with plane water . because boys are go outside very frequently .  so Very easily dust ,sand ,  pollution & sweat gets into the hair . as a result , it can cause hair fall or hair loss . it is one of main tips to stop hair fall for male  . 

ii) Use Dandruff Removal Shampoo :-

No 2 tips to stop hair fall - always you should use dandruff removal shampoo . because dandruff can spoil your hair root very badly . as a result you can not prevent hair fall . this is very much important hair fall control tips for male and female also . 

iii) Use Mild Shampoo To Wash :-

No 3 tips to stop hair fall - remember when you are washing hair with shampoo , please use mild shampoo . check ingredients list which are enrich with milk , egg , glicerin . these all natural ingredients makes strong your hair root . 

iv) Massage With Hot Oil :-

No 4 tips to stop hair fall - using oil in hair is very important . at least 3 day in a week . the oil rejuvenates ( নবজীবন দেয় ) the hair and helps new hair to grow . use hot oil and do light massage . it can help to stop hair loss . 

v) keep your Head Sweat Free :-

No 5 tips to stop hair fall - if you want to control hair loss . Take this precaution ( সতর্কতাটি ) sweaty head can may cause hair fall problem .

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Tips To Stop Hair Fall with  Extra caution 

Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

Hair fall tips

i) Don't Hit Your Hair :

No 5 tips to stop hair fall - you should not hit your hair very frequent . it becomes our bad habit day by day . because every people likes to enhance their looks . so don't use any dryer machine or straight machine .

ii) Don't Use Chemical Hair Gel :

No 6 tips to stop hair fall - Remember that the gel you use on your hair to go to a party , this gel is damaging your hair. most hair gels contain bad chemicals . 

iii)  Don't Rub Wet Hair With Towel :-

No 7  tips to stop hair fall - we know that everyone so busy in their life  . they have no time for themselves . but do you know you are harming your self . when you are rubbing your wet hair with dry towel , there is 100% chance to hair loss . reason is when our hair is in wet in that time the roots of the hair become soft ( চুলের গোড়া নরম হয়ে যায় ) . as a result very easily the hair comes up .so do not rub wet hair with dry towel to stop hair all . 

iv) Don't put helmet always or cap always :

No 8 tips to stop hair fall - yes , guys always wearing helmet or cap , can cause hair fall problem . because when your hair stuck with helmet or cap , Sweat settles on the hair follicles and damages the scalp . it is absolutely right that always should wear helmet for safety . but if you want to prevent hair fall , then sometimes you should avoid . 


v) Don't Brush Wet Hair :

No 9 tips to stop hair Fall - Never forget to comb your wet hair. Because the roots of wet hair are much softer. Let it air dry automatically .

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Tips To Stop Hair Fall with Diet & Exercise 

Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

Prevent hair fall

i ) Include Vitamin Enrich Food :

No 1o tips to stop hair fall -  Just taking care of the hair externally will not stop hair fall. If you want to stop hair loss for a long time, you need to change your diet.That's why you need to eat foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B or  Vitamin B12 . Which will nourish your hair.

ii) Include More Water In Diet :

No 11 tips to stop hair fall - one another tips for hair fall control is ,  To prevent hair fall you should hydrated throughout the day . if you hydrated from inside then automatic your hair will nourish 

. iii) Include Vegetables In Diet :

No 12 tips to stop hair fall - 65% of your health system is depend on your diet  . among of those food , vegetable is very very important . so to stop hair fall you must consume vegetables more  .

iv) Include Exercise Or Yoga :

No 13 tips to stop hair fall - Add some relaxing exercises or yoga to your daily life . This will keep you stress free. Oxidative stress will be released from the body . Surprisingly you will see that your hair loss is under control .

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Tips To Stop Hair Fall with Some Natural Thing 

Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

Stop Hair Fall

i) Use Onion & Ginger Juice :

No 14 tips to stop hair all - at least once in a week use onion & ginger juice  . it is very effective to prevent hair fall . its very common & natural tips for hair loss control . we hope this is very popular recipe to control hair loss .

ii) Use Aloe vera : 

No 15 tips to stop hair fall - just take aloe vera apply on scalp . aloe vera  strengthens hair and thickens hair . aloe vera for hair is common tips & tricks  . 

Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

-: conclusion :-

If you listen to each of the following tips. Then your hair fall will be reduced by 50%. Really. Each of 16 hair loss tips  are  great way to prevent hair loss . in very simple way we try to give tips to stop hair fall problem . Be Healthy , Be Fit . stay Wiay with us . 

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Tips To Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips

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