Top 8 Amazing Red Wine Health Benefits

Stop Worry !!! About Should I Drink Red Wine : Look what Are The Top 8 surprising Red wine health benefits 

"It's a smile , It's a kiss , Its's a sip of  Red Wine ..... It's a Winter com New Year"

Red Wine Health Benefits

Top 8 Amazing Red Wine Health Benefits  :-

In spite of Having alive in 2020 , always we think every boy's culture is being very bad  day day  . who drink red wine in party , occassion or disco-club , everyone point out them . but do you know ,   others countries people  can not live without red wine .  it is very normal in those country . because they know what are the red wine health benefits . why is saying red wine has health benefits . keep read for information . 

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What Is Red Wine ?

Red wine is mainly made by  dark colored grapes . by grinding Dark-colored and filled with juice  grapes are made from red wine . Different types of red wine are available in the market and their colors and tastes are also different . red wine drinking one kind of health treatment .

What Are The Name Of Best Red Wine ?

The best types of red wine available in the market are Zinfandel, Merlot , Shiraz , Pinot Noir, Cabernet & Syrah

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Bottom Line :- 

This Article Specially for 25 Dec , 2020 or Eve Party . after someday Christmas & New Year will be coming . we all know that in that day more or less everyone like to party . go in the party & enjoy fully with no confusion about drinking of Red Wine . but remember excess amount of drinking red wine can give you bad effect .

-: Look What Are The Top 8 Amazing Red Wine Health Benefits :-

1)  Good Heart Relationship To Red Wine Health Benefits :-

Red Wine Health Benefits

Discussion of  Healthy Heart and Red Wine Health Benefits is interrelated .  resulting of consuming small amount of red wine , your sudden heart attack risk may can lower . 

In one study has proved that people who drinks 100 - 150 ml ( 5 Ounces ) red wine in a day , they are in low risk of having sudden heart attack approximately 40% . because red wine contains of 80% dark colored grape , which has lots of antioxidants . 

2)  Good Cholesterol Relationship To  Red Wine Health Benefits :-

Red Wine Health Benefits

If your Heart is in a good situation . automatic
 good ( HDL ) cholesterol are increased and bad ( LDL ) cholesterol are decreased . it can be said that Heart & Cholesterol are  two Brothers .

because red wine is helpful beverage which reduces oxidative damage from body . oxidation of bad ( LDL ) cholesterol decreases for 40-60% .

3) Stroke Relationship To Red Wine Health Benefits :-

Red Wine Health Benefits
Sip (চুমুক) of 1-3 glasses of red wine a day may can lower risk of stroke . If you drink for 2-3 day in a  weeks .

 [ 1 short red wine glass  = 150 ml 0r 5 ounces ] .

4) Cancer Relationship To Red Wine Health Benefits :

Red Wine Health Benefits

Drinking of moderate amount red wine may also reduce the probability of chronic disease like cancer . example - ovary cancer ( ডিম্বাশয়ের ক্যান্সার ) , prostate cancer ( মূত্রথলির ক্যান্সার ) 

5) Insulin reduction  Relationship To Red Wine Health Benefits : 

Red Wine Health Benefits

Study has been shown that if anyone drink at least 2 glass or 300 ml red wine per day for 1 month . it will help to reduce insulin level in blood . 

6) Less Depression Relation To Red Wine Health Benefits : 

Red Wine Health Benefits

Studies have shown that young boys who drink a glass of red wine every day , they have fewer symptoms of depression . but not more than 1 glass or 100-150 ml . 

7) Better s*x Life Relationship To Red Wine Health Benefits :

Red Wine Health Benefits

If you are not interested in intimacy with the person you love, drinking red wine can give you a better  S*X life. This is because after drinking any alcohol, the blood flow increases more than usual .

8) Low Blood Pressure Relationship To Red Wine Health Benefits : 

Discussion of blood pressure and red wine health benefit is also interlinking . people who are suffering for low blood pressure , if they drink red wine 2-3 glass or 350 ml then instant blood pressure will may come in  normal mode . 

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Some Frequent question & answer 

Red Wine Health Benefits

Is Red Wine Good For You Every Night ? 

Drinking red wine every day is harmful to the body .on the other hand there is also red wine health benefit  . you can be drunk once a week for heart health as well as for raising good HDL cholesterol .You may have seen or noticed that every doctor drinks red wine two to three times a week . 

Also study has been shown resulting of drinking red wine certainly raises blood flow . so it can give you sometime better intimate life or sex life . 

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How much red wine should you drink for health benefits ?

According to Europe and American study , drinking  right amount of red wine is - 

For every ages women = 1 glass in a day ( 100- 150 ml )

For 25 - 65 ages men = 2 glass in a day ( 200-250 ml )

For more than 65 ages men = 1 glass in a day ( 100-150 ml )

Is Red Wine Good Or Bad For You ? 

In the red wine alcohol containing level  is 12-15% .  An American study found that drinking moderate amounts of red wine  can have some health benefits. Like drinking red wine may lower the risk of heart attack, bad LDl cholesterol can be reduced. Because red wine is fully loaded with high amount of powerful antioxidants . red wine is better than any other alcoholic beverages .

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-: Conclusion :-

Surprisingly , red wine also play a role to get health benefits . moderate amount of red wine consumption is good for health . but excessive consumption can harm you badly . that is why for removing everyone confusion we have discussed about amazing red wine health benefits . thank you guys , if you like please share & subscribe .

Jai shri Krishna 

Top 8 Amazing Red Wine Health Benefits

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