Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

Tensed About Weight Gain ? See Amazing Tips For Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

“ Dieting Is Like Dating , you Have To Committed , Honest & Faithful “

weight loss diet plan after a pregnancy story should be a balanced diet . If you think I will burn my fat in 1 month after delivery , you are absolutely wrong . 

Be Patience and lose post-pregnancy weight gradually . as a result , it will not affect your baby & you .

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

Weight Loss Diet Plan After Pregnancy :-

A woman needs 1500-2000 calorie daily for keeping a healthy body system . lose daily 2 pounds daily = 0.907185 . It is a perfect weight loss routine . 

If you're thinking that you are eating more calorie food  , try to cut down 400 calorie daily . for that you can do exercise , work , walk , other physical activity . So that your extra calories go out through sweat . you must lose weight safely . so keep reading weight loss diet chart after pregnancy , to know more details what to eat to lose weight after pregnancy .

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What To Eat To Lose Weight After Pregnancy ? 

1) Meal Plan :-

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

Try to consume 4-6 cups of rice . eat healthy snacks . do not forget to eat breakfast and dinner . remember you have to lose weight in a proper way , healthy way . 

so that it does not have a bad effect in future . To lose weight after pregnancy you have to eat a little bit less , that's it . 

Do not skip breakfast dinner lunch , neither you will not feel energetic . also you will feel tired by doing little work . This is the simple meal plan to lose weight after delivery .

2) protein Intake :- 

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

i) Egg :-

Eat 1 egg at least daily in post-pregnancy . Eggs contain a lot of protein , vitamin A , Vitamin B complex , omega 3 fatty acid . Also eggs help to increase the level of " good cholesterol " . Just because an egg has protein does not mean that it will gain more than pre-pregnancy . 

1 large Boiled Egg of 50 gram = 6g protein .

ii) Fish :- 

The main protein present in vitamin A in fish is omega 3 fatty acids . Omega 3 is one of the main sources of antioxidants . 

So all of you know  antioxidants are very important for a healthy body . It removes free radical , excess toxin . so do not forget to include fish in your post-pregnancy weight loss diet . 

100 grams fish = 22g protein .

iii) Chiken :- 

Chicken is one of the best protein suppliers . It has plenty of high rich protein . chicken does your immunity boost , that is why after eating chicken you feel more energetic . 

Along with that chicken helps to solidify our body bones , muscles . but skip Motton very strictly . 

100 grams = 27g protein .

iv) Green leafy Vegetable :-  

Vegetables are a highly recommended food to lose weight after pregnancy . because vegetables are low in calories , but high in nutrition . which is very important for a healthy life . 

Add more vegetables for lunch , dinner . also you can make healthy snacks by adding coriander leaves , carrot , peas etc.  to make your snacks yummy . 

v) Bright Colored Fruits :- 

For a post pregnancy diet plan , you have to include fruits in your daily diet . Eat at least one brightly colored fruit every day . fruits are a very much helpful source for weight loss after delivery . fruit is fully loaded with vitamin , nutrition , carbohydrates . 

3) Fiber Intake For Weight Loss After Pregnancy :-

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

i) Nuts :- 

Consume nuts daily in the morning before breakfast . or you can eat nuts in the evening . There are so many nuts available to eat to lose weight after pregnancy . like - peanuts , Almond , Cashew Nuts , Walnuts . 

These are highly recommended for weight loss post-pregnancy . because nuts contain saturated fat , lots of fiber , vitamin , magnesium . but remember to eat maximum 4-5 nuts daily , not more than . 

1 Nuts = 7g Fiber

ii) Seeds :- 

Seeds also play an important role for weight loss diets . seeds is the king of fiber , vitamin , nutrition , omega 3 fatty acid . 

Like - Flax seeds , Chia Seed , Pumpkin Seeds . These all are you can get easily in the market . after buying paste the seeds and eat with water in the fast morning . seed keeps your heart healthy .

1 TSP Seeds Powder = 5g fiber .

4) Probiotic Food For postpartum weight loss  :- 

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

i) Milk :- 

Milk contains plenty of nutrients like calcium , phosphorus , vitamin B , potassium , and calories . Moreover, milk is the great source of protein . Milk helps to keep your weight perfect . Milk should not contain no added sugar . 

100 Grams Milk = 42 Calorie .

100 Grams Milk = 125 Milligrams Calcium 

100 Grams Milk = 3.4 Grams Protein .

ii) Yogurt :- 

One study found that people who ate yogurt every day did not accumulate fat in their stomachs . yogurt reduces excess calories of the body . it reduces 22% calorie & helps to reduce weight . 

5 Tsp Yogurt = 59 Calories .

4) Water For Hydration After Baby Birth :- 

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

water is very must to drink after pregnancy . drink at least 4-5 litre water daily . if your body is hydrated  then your baby will get breast milk more . If you want to start a weight loss plan , start with hydration . 

Water helps to improve your internal system . water Increases your digestive system . In addition , by drinking enough water your baby  will get breast milk . So you have to drink at least 5 liters of water, even if you don't want to . 

5) Unsaturated Fat :- 

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

When you give birth to a baby, you should not stop eating sweets , unsaturated food at all . Because carbohydrates  keep our body healthy and improve cardiac function . unsaturated food examples - olive , fish oil , dark chocolate etc . 

6) Sleep Enough :- 

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

You need to get enough sleep after giving birth . Before Pregnancy After Pregnancy You need enough sleep both times . This will keep you and your baby healthy. You too will be tension free . 

You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Which will keep you stress free throughout the day . A good night's sleep develops your nervous system

7) Think Practical :- 

Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

 If you think positive , you feel happy . After becoming a mother, your responsibilities increase a lot . So there should always be practical thinking . Don't hurt yourself by trying to lose weight. And do not harm your baby .

You may be wondering how those film actresses become so slim after becoming a mother . But at the same time think about the fact that they have a separate diet chart for weight Loss . 

As a result, both baby and baby's mother are healthy . They also have experts in different exercises. Which has no side effects .

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-: Frequent Question :- 

Q.) how to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding ? 

A.) When you are breastfeeding , your health needs 1800-2000 calories per day . it will be good for you & your baby . If you lose weight very quickly, important toxins , vitamins , minerals can be released . 

As a result your baby can get so much breast milk . try to eat low-carb food . do exercise , stay hydrated , eat frequently . 

Q.) What is the fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy  / How can I lose post pregnancy weight fast?

A.) If you are searching the fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy , it's wrong . by reducing weight in a very fast way , you can get bad results in future . 

You can suffer from many diseases . but different people have different mentality . So if anyone tries to lose weight in the fastest way , then do more hard work , exercise & eat very little . 

Q.) What is the best diet to go on after having a baby?

A.) The best diet to go on after having a baby is to drink lots of water , fruits , vegetables , seeds , nuts , green tea . water will help to reduce extra toxins & free radicals . 

Try to consume milk , cheese , butter , paneer , egg , chiken , fish . These all are protein rich foods . As a result, the more calories you burn, the more protein you can make . you will feel full lively .

Q.) How long does it usually take to lose weight after having a baby?

A.) Everyone should know that a weight loss diet should be maintained 6 months after delivery. Most women start losing weight within 6 months of giving birth. But it is very harmful . try to maintain a healthy diet with healthy exercise , workout . 

As a result, your weight will gradually decrease. That will keep you and your baby healthy.

Q.) What should not eat after pregnancy?

A.) Spicy food , salty food , sugary food , junk food , fried food - these are all foods you should not eat after pregnancy . Also every post-pregnancy woman must avoid smoke , drink , coca cola . 

Consult your doctor about what foods you should not eat . Remember not to eat more than 3 cups of coffee or soda . Which will disrupt your sleep and ruin your sleep . Do not eat toxic foods . like mercury fish , butter , ghee etc . 

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-: Conclusion :- 

Naturally after delivery every woman is tense about weight gain . at that time should not stop eating just because it is gaining weight . 

If there is no milk supply from your breast  , your baby weight will not increase at all . for that you have to eat healthy foods , you should maintain a healthy diet .   You shouldn't think that what my pre-pregnancy weight was . so before going for weight loss diet chart post pregnancy naturally then know before very well . 

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Weight Loss Diet Chart After Pregnancy

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